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Paisley - Sma' Shot Cottages

Door open days

5 September 2020

6 September 2020


An 18th Century weavers' cottage and loom shop which showcase the living and working conditions of a weaver's family in the 1750s, and a small row of mill workers cottages from the 19th Century. The cottages contain many fascinating artefacts and are linked by a 19th century heritage garden.

Digital Resources

Sma' Shot Cottages Documentary

Ever wanted to see a loom in action? This short documentary explores the social and historical significance of Sma' Shot Cottages in Paisley and shows how weavers operated the loom to create fabric. 

Watch a short documentary!

Key Information

Building Date: 1700s-1800s

  • 2 Sma' Shot Lane
  • Paisley
  • PA1 2HG