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Johnstone - Johnstone History Museum

Door open days

7 September 2019 (10.30am to 4.00pm)

8 September 2019 (10.30am to 4.00pm)


The museum documents the history of the burgh of Johnstone, particularly the industrial heritage of the town. Displays include photographs, maps and objects related to various well-known industries including Paton's shoelace factory, as well as some lesser-known ones such as the mousetrap factory!


Key Information

Building Date: 2007-08

New exhibitions will be on display for Doors Open Days including a history of the working horses.

How much do you know about Johnstone and its history? Well, this is your chance to test your knowledge of your town with the museum quiz.

  • Inside Morrisons Supermarket
  • Napier Street
  • Johnstone
  • PA5 8SF