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Grange Cemetery

25 September 2021 (1pm-5pm)

26 September 2021 (11am-5pm)


Grange Cemetery, south of Beaufort Road (Grange Road), near the junction with Marchmont Road/Kilgraston Road, was designed by the architect David Bryce (1803-76). The Cemetery received its first interment, Dr Thomas Chalmers, in 1847, and now contains over six thousand burial plots.

This Cemetery is the largest of five cemeteries opened in 1843-1846 on the then edges of the city to provide burial space for the growing population. The original plans included a mortuary chapel, never built, and was planned for both ordinary burials and lodgement in vaults (a raised section running east-west in the centre of the cemetery) which were never fully used.

The Cemetery is laid out in regular blocks divided by gravel paths with a western extension added in 1924. It is bounded by high stone walls with two entrances on Beaufort Road. The main entrance at the lodge house (now privately owned) is at the north end of Lover’s Loan and the other near the traffic lights.

The cemetery contains the monuments to several well known Edinburgh residents and the area is made particularly pleasant and restful for visitors by the presence of a number of spectacular and interesting trees.

For Doors Open Days 2021 information will be provided for visitors and volunteers from the Friends of Grange Cemetery who will be present on Saturday 25th Saturday 25th from 1pm-5pm and on Sunday 26th September from 11am-5pm to answer any queries you may have.

Self-guided tours will be available with information about some notable burials and some interesting trees to be found in the Cemetery.

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  • Beaufort Road
  • Edinburgh
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