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Dunlop Kirk

11 September 2021

12 September 2021


Category-B listed building of 1835 incorporating earlier work from 1621. Outstanding 26 stained glass windows, unusual in a rural village.

Recent 4-year major restoration and refurbishment programme following outbreak of dry rot, cost £3/4M. Two important Category-A listed building adjacent: early 17th century Hans Hamilton's Tomb of Dunlop's first post-Reformation minister, and Clandeboyes Hall (formerly village school) built to honour Hans Hamilton by one of his sons, Viscount Clandeboye.

Digital Resources

Dunlop Kirk welcome

from Revd Alison McBrier

View a short film!

Dunlop Kirk stained glass

A short run through some of the beautiful and historic stained glass windows of Dunlop Kirk.

See the stunning stained glass!

Dunlop Kirk brief history

Learn a bit about the history of the Kirk.

Learn from a local historian about the site!

Dunlop Kirk vestry extension 2020

A description of the concept and building of a new vestry extension in the graveyard and within an outstanding conservation area.

Watch a short film!

Dunlop Kirk Clandeboyes Tomb, School and the roots of the Ulster Scots.

In the graveyard next to Dunlop Kirk stands the Clandeboyes tomb. This ‘A’ listed edifice and the original school building next to it were erected in 1641 by James Hamilton, Viscount Clandeboyes, in memory of his father, Hans Hamilton, pastor of the Kirk for 45 years, and his mother Janet Denholm. Hamilton played a major role in the settlement of Scots in Ireland in the early 1600s and the school and tomb are of great significance to the Ulster Scots community today. Click on the link to see a short video about Hamilton and the historical background to the tomb and school.

Key Information

Building Date: 1835

Photo Credit (c) G Michael Hitchon

  • Dunlop Kirk
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