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Museum of Banff

18 September 2021 (Online)

19 September 2021 (Online)


Banff Museum was founded in 1828 as the museum of the Banff Institution and is the oldest museum in Scotland north of Perth.The present museum and library building were built in 1902.  Banff Preservation and Heritage Society currently run the Museum in partnership with Aberdeenshire Museums Service.  The building also house the town’s Library.The exhibits show a vast range of interesting artefacts from the  prehistoric period up to modern day.  They reflect life in Banffshire and show some stunning examples of our historical past in Banff and Macduff.

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Take this opportunity to Visit Museum of Banff's newly launched Website for information on the Built Heritage of Banff and the collections on display.

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Key Information

Architect: Unknown

Building Date: 1902

  • Museum of Banff
  • High Street
  • Banff
  • AB45 1AE