Doors Open Days 2021 Report

Hot off the presses! Our Doors Open Days 2021 report has just been released! 

Doors Open Days 2021 was another groundbreaking year - we delivered our first ever hybrid festival! Back in September, venues and volunteers across Scotland worked tirelessly to put on both in-person and online events, welcoming visitors through physical and virtual doors.

We’ve been hard at work crunching the numbers and the results are in! Our first ever hybrid festival was an incredible success: 

  • Venues hosted a total of 648 in-person and online events and activities: 332 were held virtually and 316 were held in-person 
  • 507,300 visitors explored our hybrid programme on the Doors Open Days website. 82.5% of these visitors were new to the festival.
  • Our hybrid programme reached more young people (18-24) than ever before, with a 15% increase from last year. Young people now comprise almost 1/3 of our total online audience.

Read the Doors Open Days 2021 report to learn more about our first ever hybrid festival and check out our Whats On page to enjoy this month’s round up of virtual tours, audio trails, 360 degree tours and more!