Digi Doors Open Round Up 12: Artist's Studio Edition!

Explore Orcadian artists' Work From Home studios with this week's edition of #DigiDoorsOpenRoundup!

The doors may have closed on #DigiDoorsOpen this year, but that doesn't mean that the fun has to stop! Each week we will be creating a themed roundup of our digital resources so that you can enjoy a virtual day out from home. 

This week's theme is artists' studios! Take a peek inside the creative minds of four Orcadian artists and explore their work from home studio spaces. Learn how Orkney's people, spaces and places provide boundless inspiration and fuel their artistic curiosity. 

This week's venues cover Orkney


Karen Tweed: Hear how small things, big skies, natural sounds and nature's constantly changing colours form the foundation of Karen's creative process. Explore the delightfully cluttered corners of her home and get a glimpse into her place of practice.

Karen Tweed's home showing kitchen items

Laura Drever: Laura's observational creative practice produces work that evokes a sense of time and place, reflecting Orkney's unique and ever-changing landscape. Watch her at work in her studio as she details her artistic process and explores her creative journey. 

Laura Drever observational creative practice her desk

Leila Dearness: Each of Leila's unique designs tells a story, which is expressed through the delicate and bold juxtaposition of the paper cutting medium. Watch as she guides us step-by-step through the paper cutting process, from inspiration to execution. 

Leila Dearness paper cutting process

Martin Laird: A strong mythological influence is apparent in much of Martin's work and his Orcadian roots have inspired much of his creative process. From kelpies to giants, mystical tales pour from his sketchbook pages. Watch as preliminary sketches transform into the finished product.

Martin Laird's art work on a desk

See you next week for our next instalment of #DigiDoorsOpenRoundup!