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Arlington Baths Club

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Arlington Baths Club built in 1870 is the oldest private club of its kind in Europe. A fine example of Victorian architecture the main facade is well proportioned and gives an effect of modest Classicism.





Tours: Sat/Sun 9.30am–4.00pm; 30mins.

Meeting Point: Members lounge


The Arlington Baths club is a fine example of Victorian Architecture of the time. Opened on 1 August 1871 members came from the local area living within easy walking distance of the Club. Members appeared first thing in the morning before work and returned in the evening before going home in a regular twice daily ritual. In 1875 a Turkish Room was added allowing members to increase to 600. This Glaswegian homage to the Alhambra with its tiled walls and floors beehive roof studded with star shaped coloured windows sufficient only to light the space dimly calmed bathers as they reclined on benches in superheated seclusion. In 1893 an additional Reading Room and Billiard Room were built. These were added to the south end of the existing building in the form of a single storey 'piano nobile' with service space below and extended the façade of the building. A third extension was later added, which moved the entrance from the centre of the building to what now emerged as a kind of interregnum between the two phases of the street frontage. This was developed separately as an entrance leading to a grand staircase on to the reading room and billiard room on the first floor. This was emphasised by means of a triple arched entrance and steps with a five arched loggia above. In 1902 a further development was required. An extension of the front wall of the original building directly upwards to create a larger billiard hall and long gallery, which is now used as a gym lit by a regular rhythm of single windows.

Key Information

Architect: John Burnet snr., Andrew Myles, Benjamin Conner

Building Date: 1871

Where to find us

  • 61 Arlington Street
  • Glasgow
  • G3 6DT