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Official Residence of the Consul General of France: Scottish Free French House

Door open days

29 September 2018 (14:00- 18:00)

30 September 2018 (14:00-18:00)


A typical New Town mansion, still occupied and used in the original spirit of the Georgian Terraces, the "Scottish Free French House" was donated by a generous Franco-Belgian businessman and inaugurated on 23 June 1942 by General Charles de Gaulle. It served as a resting place for officers of the Free French Naval Forces stationed in Scotland during WWII before becoming the residence of the Consul General of France in Scotland after the war.

Other French connections on Regent Terrace include the houses where the exiled duke and duchess of Angoulême (respectively son and heir of the deposed king Charles X and daughter of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette) and the duchess of Berry (mother to the last Bourbon pretender to the throne of France) sojourned after the 1830 revolution in France.


Key Information

Activities: Lectures/talks, re-enactments/performances, children’s activities, displays, models, presentations.

Year of Young People: Young French and International musicians will be invited to perform live music.

Where to find us

  • 28 Regent Terrace
  • Edinburgh
  • EH7 5BS