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Digital Graffiti @ Schop Institute

Door open days


Step into Schop Institute and take part in an experiment to map our ‘hidden treasures’. Mark a place or building that you consider to be one of Edinburgh’s old town hidden treasures on our large scale map of Edinburgh. Tell us why you’ve chosen it and we’ll make a webpage just for you and your place. We’ll print a QR code weblink on to a label which we’ll display at your chosen place. An ephemeral overlay of multiple personal stories applied to Edinburgh’s silent buildings will emerge. Schop Institute is run by architects from Oliver Chapman Architects and offers a programme of events to encourage participation in design, architecture and cities.

Key Information

Limited wheelchair access.

Image (c) Alexandra Heese 

Where to find us

  • 36 St Mary's Street
  • Edinburgh
  • EH1 1SX