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Royal Observer Corps Post Museum

Door open days

8 September 2018 (Pre-booked tours only)

9 September 2018 (Pre-booked tours only)


This underground relic of the Cold War is one of only two refurbished Royal Observer Corp posts open for access in Scotland and includes a collection of its original equipment and instrumentation.

A body known as the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation (UKWMO) was set up in 1957 to collate the information received from the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) to warn the population of any impending air attack. Had the UK come under nuclear attack, a network of some 1500 small 3-man underground bunkers (approximately 1 every 12 miles) manned by thousands of trained  local volunteer Observers would have come into their own.  

The ROC posts were designed to monitor nuclear bursts and subsequent fall-out on the United Kingdom. In reporting the data to the UKWMO, the valuable information would have helped construct a picture of the effects on the country and been used to assist the survivors. Changes in technology and world politics led to Parliament announcing the stand down of the ROC in September 1991.  A surface museum has now been established displaying memorabilia relating to the former ROC. In addition there is a collection of material from the ROC's original role of aircraft identification and reporting from 1925-1945 and the remains of the reporting Post


Key Information

Architect: Ministry of Defence, Home Office Procured

Building Date: 1958

Directions:- Directions to the site at Elliot and tour times will be given when booking.

Pre-booking is absolutely essential.  Tour times on Saturday and Sunday. Precise times will be advised when booking.

Please contact Cheryl Stewart on or call 07791 395976 to reserve a place.

Where to find us

  • Arbroath Royal Observer Corps Post Museum
  • Arbroath
  • DD11