Highlands - Inverness

Highland - Inverness

Dalarossie Church

16 September 2017

Dalarossie Church, which was built in 1790, is situated on the site of an 8th century church, with the River Findhorn skirting its southern wall. It is surrounded by an old kirkyard with many headstones showing trade and origin as well as names. The church was repaired and altered in 1856 by the architect George Rhind and again considerably altered by W. L. Carruthers in 1904. Inside the church there is the baptismal font, formed in the shape of a rough-hewn stone, an old upright stone slab known as the ‘Priest’s Stone’ or bargaining stone, and an old offering ladle. The church is located  3 miles upstream from Bridgend, Tomatin.  Take the the old A9, then look out for a junction where you drive across field to the church (OS NW 767 242).

Highland - Inverness

Old High Church

2 September 2017

It is believed that there has been a church on this site since the 12th century. The present building dates from the late 18th century though it is thought that the building contains remnants of earlier structures. In Celtic times, St Columba of Iona is said to have preached here at 'St Michael's Mount'.  The current building is mostly 18th century with 19th century additions, with part of the tower 14th century. Curfew is still rung from the clock tower at 8pm every night.  It was used as a prison after The Battle of Culloden (1746) with prisoners said to have been executed in the graveyard.Inside you can see the King James' 1st Edition Bible of 1611, a field communion set used by the legendary "Tartan Pimpernel" during the Second World War, a Willis organ, a chancel of Iona marble, and monuments to Inverness worthies. It is still the venue of the annual 'Kirking of the Council' when the Provost and councillors process from the Town House for worship.

Highland - Inverness

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church

2-3 September 2017

In 1827, St Mary's, Inverness, was established as a Mission with Fr Terence McGuire as priest in charge.  St Mary's Church opened on 2nd April 1837.This beautiful building was the work of William Robertson, Architect, of Elgin.  It is a very fine example of Victorian Gothic Revival.  By 1888, to cater for ever-growing numbers, the Church was enlarged by the addition of a new Sanctuary, with a High Altar in Caen stone after the style of Peter Paul Pugin.During 2014 and 2015, there was extensive internal decoration and refurbishment in the church. There re many fine new stained glass windows throughout the building, a re-ordered sanctuary with a new forward altar and reliquary, a new icon of the Presentation, and a new carved wood statue of St John Ogilvie. Limited disabled access. 01463 233519

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