Stirling Council

Stirling (14th - 15th September)

Stirling Council’s Planning Service have been running Doors Open Days events in the Stirling area for 23 years. The Conservation Officer takes on the task as the co-ordinator.  

What we really like about Doors Open Day is that it is a very positive event that brings lots of visitors to the area.

One of the challenges faced when organising Doors Open Days is time. It can be a challenge to organise so much as there are day jobs to keep up to date, plus the organisation of the event itself.

The Engine Shed has been a definite highlight of recent Stirling Doors Open Day events.  We have been privileged to be able to tour and watch it’s progress evolve over the years, from an empty building to the wonderful and completed visitor attraction that it now is. 

It is very difficult to choose just one venue.  A couple of examples are Bannockburn House, which is putting on lots of activities,  and the Observatory is a very unique and informative tour, however they are all fascinating and worth a visit.

You can see the full programme of events, activities and buildings that are opening their doors in Stirling here.