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West Dunbartonshire

Clydebank Town Hall

How to get there : Glasgow Road, near Kilbowie Road intersection.Recently restored and renovated 1902 building by James Miller. The clock tower was originally plain on a building which became the focus of the town's administration. A Winged Mercury figure, once above the tower and brought down by the storm of 1968, now stands�above the caf�. The heavily quoined fa�ade with frontispiece of coupled columns has some fine stone carving.Exhibitions on Clydebank's proud industrial heritage and new galleries with exciting touring exhibitions as well as the Council's permanent exhibition of fine art.There is a great exhibition on during Doors Open Day: "When the Clyde Ruled the Waves". This exhibition explores the shipbuilding history of West Dunbartonshire, the yards, ship building families, workers and famous ships that made the area renowned throughout the world for its ship building expertise Also see the Clydebank guided walk and Clydebank Blitz bus tour which start from here. The Titan Crane is nearby. Entrance is free during Doors Open Day, but needs booking. Refer to the relevant event.

West Dunbartonshire

Denny Ship Model Experimental Tank

Dumbarton. How to get there : Go to the end of Castle Street, (extends from the High Street).See the world�s first commercial ship model experiment tank in action and discover how William Denny & Brothers� innovative, experimental approach to shipbuilding made waves in the shipbuilding industry from the 1800s to 1963. This is part of the Scottish Maritime Museum.The Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank was built in 1882. It is one of the last reminders of the shipyard of the innovative and famous Company William Denny and Brothers. The tank was built to test ship hull designs and retains many original features including a water tank as long as a football pitch. Experience the working environment of the model makers, clay moulders and carpenters in 1882. Try your hand at smoothing and carving a real wax hull model. Test different hull designs in our own mini experiment tank. Enter the world of the Victorian ship designer, in William Denny�s drawing office, and find out how to design your own ship. Join us on a guided tour of the building and learn about Denny Brothers, builders of the famous Cutty Sark and inventors of the Denny helicopter, Denny hovercraft and Denny-Brown stabilisers.�See more at: entrance on Doors Open Day.Caf�. Museum shop.The premises have several steps.��

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