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Lodge Georgetown, Paisley


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Scotland is generally accepted as the home of Modern Freemasonry, and has the oldest lodges in the world, with the Lodge in Kilwinning being recognised worldwide as the oldest, dating back to around 1140 at the time of the building of Kilwinning Abbey.


Near the village of Houston in Renfrewshire, in the area of Fulwood woods, the construction of a munitions factory and military camp took place. This was in answer to the shell crisis raised in Parliament in 1915, the second year of World War 1. Minister of Munitions David Lloyd George decreed that twelve National Filling Factories would be built throughout the country. The one near Houston was N.F.F.4. It became known as Georgetown in honour of that great Welshman (later to become Prime Minister) David Lloyd George.


By 1916 the Township of Georgetown was running at full capacity, a workforce of between 8,000 to 12,000 on shift work being the norm, though It was reported that as many as 24,000 worked there. It also recognised that, with such numbers, social amenities and recreation must be provided. The Township Hall was the main focal point for many gatherings, among which was a sterling band of masonic brethren, who at a social meeting in July 1917 proposed to ask The Grand Lodge of Scotland for guidance and support to form a lodge within the Crown territory of Georgetown.


Our lodge has carried this legacy for over 100 years, now based at our Ralston address. You may have family involved in Freemasonry or a historic tie to our lodge, or you may just be curious and local and have never visited our hall or museum. All will be made welcome!


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  • 8 Penilee Road
  • Ralston
  • Paisley
  • PA2 2AX
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