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University of Edinburgh: Institute of Genetics and Cancer (IGMM)


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We love opening the doors of our institute to the public for special events. Our institute is the central hub of our 3 research centre buildings – the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, the MRC Human Genetics Unit (HGU) and the Centre for Genomic & Experimental Medicine (CGEM). Each research centre has its own unique history, but the powerful synergy emerging from their common research strengths led to the formation of the Institute in 2009. Our institute’s story of biomedical research stretches back to the post-war period and works towards delivering better understanding of genetic diseases, including cancers, with quicker diagnosis, improved and tailored treatments - ensuring better health outcomes. The Institute of Genetics and Cancer brings together 600 people, including ~200 PhD students, in a single, scientific endeavour, enabling exciting multi-disciplinary collaborations in biomedical research.

IGC Researchers tackle one of the greatest biomedical challenges of today – explaining how changes in our DNA lead to disease. Our multidisciplinary teams of world-class scientists and leading clinicians work together under one roof with access to cutting-edge facilities. Our researchers work across scale, from molecules to populations, and are paving the way to more targeted treatments and therapies for people living with genetic conditions and cancers, involving patients and the public every step of the way.

In late 2023, we will be opening a new extension to our institute – the 4D cellular medicine wing, which will provide the facilities to investigate the structure and function of cells in 3-dimensions (within living tissues and tumours) and over time (4-dimensional) that will generate complex data, analysed using advanced computing including artificial intelligence.  

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Doors Open Days at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Visit our 2021 Doors Open Days website where we will take you behind the scenes and show you some of our cool tools! 

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A full programme of building tours, talks, videos, lay posters and drop-in activities. Visitors may find themselves crawling inside a giant cell, targeting a lung with handmade gene therapies, diving into an immunology ball pool, and becoming ‘Big Data Detectives’. Our staff and students will provide insights into the lives of researchers and technicians at various stages of their careers.

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