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Starbank Park


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We are an active community friends of Starbank Park group which garden regularly and have restored a Victorian Park to its formal glory with some Pollinator friendly planting along the way.

Starbank Park is a stunning walled garden, a ‘Victorian Park’ which has Starbank House central to its design and history and was once the home of the famous Victorian Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone’s aunt and uncle.  An eminent neighbour of the park was Sir James Young Simpson of anaesthesia fame. The friends use the side building where the history of the park is on display.  The park and house are living heritage still very much at the heart of our community today.  The House after the Goalen’s left it was bought in 1891 by Leith Town Council and was once a Museum from 1920 to 1931 and is now a Private house again in a beautiful walled garden with a rich history.

Friends of StarbankPark formed in 2013 and this year celebrate our 10th anniversary and have achieved so much by restoring the park and once again becoming a community hub. In 2018 the Friends of Starbank Park won ‘Best Neighbourhood Park UK’. In 2021, Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales visited the park with Fields in Trust and planted an apple tree.  It is a very much loved park in Trinity.

Harvest display and guided tours of Starbank Park.

Children’s crafts, Chalk Drawing, Planting Demonstration.

History Display and talk.


Key Information

Guided Tours of the park at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 on both days. Meet by Starbank House - no booking required

Where to find us

  • Friends of Starbank Park
  • 17 Laverockbank Rd
  • Edinburgh
  • EH5 3DA
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