The ground floor is our café and ice-cream parlour which also doubles as our ticket desk. You can find retail shelves throughout and the floor is decorated with the building’s long history in mind.

Upstairs we have three floors of trading history, each replicating a different time period. The top floor sees a 1911 boarding house run by a widow in the Old Town’s darkest days. 1766 on the second floor sees Lawnmarket on the verge of the Georgian New Town’s construction, and the first floor sees the wealthy upper-middle class live quite comfortably through the squalor outside in 1632 Edinburgh.

Visitors to the property will be able to take a walk through the 20th, 18th and 17th centuries, interacting with the house, the history and the people who lived there. On each floor, visitors will be able to talk with residents brought to life from the building’s rich history, each one with special significance to the property, which dates as far back as 1501.