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Arbroath Royal Observer Corps Post Museum


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This museum is a relic of the Cold War when the volunteers of the former Royal Observer Corps trained to monitor instruments would alert the public and transmit vital readings to their Headquarters in Dundee should a nuclear attack have taken place. Posts throughout the UK approximately ten miles apart would have reported to one of twenty-five Group Headquarters with the collated information being passed on to NATO Countries.

A short tour will take you 15 feet down a vertical ladder to the underground Monitoring Room. Now that the Cold War Era is history, we can talk about the important role of the Royal Observer Corps and reveal the fully equipped underground bunker as it was. Above ground is an exhibition room housing much memorabilia, and instruments are also on display. The tour also includes the Royal Observer Corp's first role of identifying and reporting aircraft during WW11 with instruments of the day again on display. The WW11 reporting post was on top of the Water Tower in Arbroath during the War years of 1939 – 1945 and then moved to this site in 1957. The underground structure was built in 1958 and the aircraft role was superseded by training for Cold War reporting.

To allow as many visitors as possible this year, a ‘taster’ tour is being offered, with the opportunity to book for a further in-depth tour at a future date.

In place of the usual talk, a brief history of the Royal Observer Corps will be emailed to you with a map of ‘how to get there’ prior to the weekend. A link to a presentation on YouTube will also be provided. The presentation was used in lieu of visits while closed during 2020–2022 due to the pandemic. 

The tour will consist of a short visit to the underground bunker accessed by the 15 ft vertical ladder. The above ground museum will be available to visit, and various instruments will be mounted in their operational positions above ground.

We envisage this shortened tour can be achieved in less than an hour and will give visitors an insight into what our full tours offer. Tours will take place at regular intervals throughout the weekend – times to be advised when booking.

Good health and fitness are required for those going underground to negotiate the 15 feet vertical ladder. Children to be 10 years or older and accompanied by an adult.

Pre-booked tours only. To book, contact Cheryl on or 07791 395976.


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Pre-booked tours only. To book, contact Cheryl on or 07791 395976.

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