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St Cyrus National Nature Reserve


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The windswept, storm-battered dunes of St Cyrus National Nature Reserve (NNR) might seem a little inhospitable. Winter storms and salty winds wreak havoc along the coastline, but natural barriers of inland cliffs and a seaward ridge of sand dunes protect the St Cyrus grasslands from the ravages of the weather. The result is a small strip of warmth nestled on the north-east coast.

This is one of the richest and most diverse reserves in Britain. In summer it is awash with wildflowers and a haven for insects. There are many species of breeding birds, including meadow pipit, stonechat and skylark. In winter, large numbers of waders, ducks, geese and swans visit the estuary. And native Scottish cattle breeds graze the reserve from April to October.

Whether your interest is birds, botany or butterflies and moths, you’ll find plenty of interest at any time of year. Or just come for a walk and enjoy the sea views. One of the best ways to see the reserve is to explore the paths or walk along the extensive sandy beach.


Scottish Geology Festival with Scottish Geology Trust @St Cyrus NNR

A celebration of everything rocky and pebbly at St Cyrus NNR and beyond, as part of the Scottish Geology Trust’s festival. ‘Scotland’s iconic landscapes and rugged coastlines have been shaped by the elements over countless millennia. The rocks beneath our feet hold the secrets of our planet’s past. They are our foundation, influencing our culture and legends, and provide endless opportunities for enjoyment and discovery.’

Bring your rocks and come along to see Scottish Geology Trust Volunteers. What stories will they have in store?

Also have an up-close look at some prepared and labelled local rocks, agates and semi-precious stones, including an ultraviolet gazebo ‘cave’, see which rocks glow under UV!

This is a joint event between Scottish Geology Trust and NatureScot.


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  • The Old Lifeboat Station
  • Nether Warburton
  • St Cyrus
  • DD10 0AQ
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