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Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

14 September 2020

20 September 2020

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) houses a vast collection of objects from around the world. Glasgow Museums can only display a fraction of our collections at any one time, the rest is stored at GMRC our publicly accessible store. The vast collection of objects from around the world contains everything from armour to zebras. There's something for everyone!

You name it we've got it: paintings, pots, swords, ship models, clocks and kayaks - the list goes on.

Digital Resources

GMRC- Exploring the Treasure of the Painting Store

Dr Jo Meacock, Curator of British Art at Glasgow Museums, will introduce Pod 4, the painting store at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC). This huge, environmentally controlled space houses around 3,000 oil paintings, 75% of the museum’s painting collection, all on rolling racks to allow for easy access and viewing. Jo will explain the thinking behind this pioneering open access research facility and how it is used for education, research and creative activities, drawing attention to a few of the art treasures that you might find if you visit.

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GMRC website

Check out GMRC's webpage for more information about their collections and services.

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GMRC- Marco Polo's Orient

Through museum objects, this short film explores what the Venetian traveller Marco Polo would have seen and experienced on his journey east. These museum objects, all from the 13th century and Marco Polo’s time, form part of Glasgow Museums’ encyclopaedic collections that are housed in Glasgow Museums Resource Centre. This film is a response to artist Fiona Tan’s artwork “Disorient” – a video installation that explores our current experiences and perceptions of parts of the world that Marco Polo had previously journeyed through.

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Key Information

Architect: Civic Design; Glasgow City Council

Building Date: 2003; 2009

  • 200 Woodhead Road
  • South Nitshill
  • Glasgow
  • G53 7NN