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Warriston Cemetery

Door open days

26 September 2020

27 September 2020


Warriston was the first designed garden cemetery (opened 1843) in Edinburgh. Many of the illustrious and anonymous of the day were interred there. Later it was neglected until the City implemented a Compulsory Purchase Order. The older parts became overgrown with invasive weeds and excess ivy until the Friends of Warriston Cemetery started clearance in 2013, to ensure that gravestones and fascinating monuments can be viewed, family graves visited, history and heritage enjoyed, whilst enhancing the Local Biodiversity aspects.

Digital Resources

Warriston Cemetery Tour Virtual Tour

For digital Doors Open Day you are warmly encouraged to have a wander through part of the graveyard at your leisure from the comfort of your armchair with this virtual tour produced by the Council’s Parks and Cemetery Department.

Go on a virtual guided tour!

Key Information

Architect: David Cousin

Building Date: 1843

  • 43 Warriston Gardens
  • Edinburgh
  • EH3 5NE