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Astoria Centre

26 September 2021 (12:00 - 16:00)


The 2/4 Ingram had two Manuals (keyboards) and four Ranks (voices or sets of pipes). The organ was one of the smallest ever installed in a cinema – media reports of the time consistently refer to it as ‘the little Ingram’ – but it packed a punch. Now the only surviving example from this manufacturer, the Astoria organ, was considered their best example and has been described by the British Institute of Organ Studies as “a gem of an organ with a quality of sound that belied its small size.”

The organ was housed in The Astoria Cinema, Manse Road, Corstorphine. The cinema closed its doors in 1973 and before the building was finally demolished in 1976, a team of organ enthusiasts removed the components of the organ with a view to finding a new venue. After being sold and moved a number of times, the organ was eventually taken to a storage unit in East Lothian where they lay for almost 30 years. In 2014, The Corstorphine Trust agreed to buy the Ingram cinema organ and the components were returned to Corstorphine where the task began to restore it to its formal glory.

For Doors Open Days 2021 we are inviting visitors to the Astoria Centre to hear the organ played live between 12-4pm.

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Organ Recording

Enjoy a vintage organ recording from the Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society.

Hear a retro recording!

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  • 18 Kirk Loan
  • Edinburgh
  • EH12 7HD