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Devil's Porridge Exhibition

Door open days

7 September 2019 (11.00 - 12.00)

8 September 2019 (11.00 - 12.00)

Dumfries and Galloway

The Devil’s Porridge Museum focuses on the 30,000 workers at HM Factory Gretna during World War One.  12,000 of them were women: the so-called Gretna Girls.  Here it was they mixed the devil’s porridge (aka cordite, an explosive) to put inside the bullets and bombs that were used in the trenches.  The museum’s first floor galleries look at the impact of World War Two and the Cold War on our region and include many personal testimonies and oral histories.

The Devil’s Porridge Museum is in a modern building with state of the art with touchscreens, listening booths and interactive games.  Young people enjoy dressing up in the replica historic clothing and engaging with our Virtual Reality headset which allows one to enter into Chapelcross nuclear power station before it was de-commissioned.

The museum has a café, shop, ample coach parking and is fully accessible.



Key Information

Building Date: 2004-5

For Doors Open Days in 2019, volunteers and staff from the museum will be offering free guided tours of Eastriggs, the Commonwealth village, which was built in 1915 to house the workers.  The streets were named after the places that people came from in the Commonwealth such as Delhi Road, Vancouver Avenue and the Ridge.  Visitors will see things such hostels, houses and tennis courts and hear about the people who lived there and see photographs of what these places looked like one hundred years ago.  These tours will be given free of charge. 

The Museum will be open (normal admission charges apply) but the tours of Eastriggs will be on offer free of charge.

Guided tour of Eastriggs 11am-12noon both days.

  • The Devil’s Porridge Museum
  • Annan Road
  • Eastriggs
  • DG12 6TF