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Devil's Porridge Exhibition

Door open days

5 September 2020 (Virtual Opening All Day)

6 September 2020 (Virtual Opening All Day)

Dumfries and Galloway

The Devil’s Porridge Museum focuses on the 30,000 workers at HM Factory Gretna during World War One.  12,000 of them were women: the so-called Gretna Girls.  Here it was they mixed the devil’s porridge (aka cordite, an explosive) to put inside the bullets and bombs that were used in the trenches.  The museum’s first floor galleries look at the impact of World War Two and the Cold War on our region and include many personal testimonies and oral histories.

The Devil’s Porridge Museum is in a modern building with state of the art with touchscreens, listening booths and interactive games.  

While the Museum is closed we have decided to run some of our Kids Clubs online. In addition to our online Book Bug sessions we are also going to be running other weekly online activities. On Tuesday afternoons we will be posting an Arts and Crafts video taking viewers through each step in different craft project each week, Wednesday morning at 9.30 our Facebook live book bug sessions will take place, on Thursday afternoons as part of our Young Historians Club a new history activity sheet will be made available on our website and through a link on our Facebook page and on Friday afternoon via our Facebook page we will either have colouring activities or a drawing workshop video.

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Devils Porridge Museum - Eastriggs D&G

A link to the Devils Porridge Museum Website - Check out their Facebook and Instagram channels too!

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A Day Out At Devil's Porridge Museum

A Day Out At Devil's Porridge Museum

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Devils Porridge YouTube

Devils Porridge Museum Youtube Channel 

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The History of The Devil's Porridge Museum

For Doors Open Day 2020 Chairman Richard Brodie explains how the Devil's Porridge Museum was founded. 

Learn from a local historian about the site!

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Key Information

Building Date: 2004-5

  • The Devil’s Porridge Museum
  • Annan Road
  • Eastriggs
  • DG12 6TF