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Beith: Townhouse

11 September 2021 (10am - 4pm)

12 September 2021 (2pm - 4pm)


Now a local museum, the Townhouse was built by pubic subscription in 1817.  Originally the ground floor comprised two shops and the large upstairs room was used as the J P Court, Debtors' Court and Public Reading Room.  There is a small room downstairs where prisoners were kept before appearance in court.  A classic Georgian building with attractive belfry, reopened by Beith Cultural and Heritage Society April 2011 as an Information and Heritage Centre.Collection of furniture made in Beith cabinet works. Enjoy an exhibition on Beith town from 1911 - 2017.


Key Information

Building Date: 1817

  • Corner of The Strand and Eglinton Street.
  • Beith
  • KA15 1DT