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The Wine Tower, Kinnaird Head, Fraserburgh

Door open days

19 September 2020

20 September 2020


Believed to have been built at the same time as Kinnaird Head Castle (c.1570), the purpose of the building cannot be agreed upon: some believe it was a chapel, others that it was a wine cellar while some say it was a general apartment. The Tower used to have 4 stories, of which 3 remain. Within the top chamber there still exists the unique collection of carved plaster bosses which hang from the ceiling.

If you would like to learn more about Kinnaird Head Castle or the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses please take the time to browse through the museum's website and Facebook page.

Digital Resources

Tour of the Wine Tower

Please enjoy this virtual opportunity to take a tour of the wine tower, part of Kinnaird Head and Lighthouse and hear about the history and folklore surrounding the tower.

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Key Information

Architect: Unknown

Building Date: c.1570

  • The Wine Tower
  • Stevensons Road, Kinnaird Head
  • Fraserburgh
  • AB43 9DU