Find a Solution Intern Supports Evaluation

Helen Oxley shares how she navigated funding objectives, effective processes and meaningful data

'I was delighted to be offered an internship with Scottish Civic Trust working on data collection for Doors Open Days 2022. To me, the Doors Open Day programme is an important resource for the people of Scotland. The programme offers lasting impact by reinforcing civic education and appreciation for Scotland’s history and heritage, regenerating and re-purposing existing built infrastructure, addressing social deprivation and public wellbeing, and empowering communities to improve their environments. I have engaged with the programme since its inception, visiting venues, participating as a volunteer, and introducing my daughter to Scotland’s heritage through its buildings.' 

Finding Meaningful Data 

'The objectives of the internship allowed me to build on my university learning in Social Sciences and Quantitative data analysis, and to utilise my existing skillsets in events and administration. My main task of the internship was to support the team in updating the Doors Open Days visitor and venue surveys, alongside a strategic assessment of how the Trust collects and uses meaningful data. Through evaluation of the Trust’s data requirements and funding objectives, I was able to produce comprehensive surveys alongside data collection mapping documents that will support the future collection of effective quantitative and qualitative data, resulting in meaningful feedback for project evaluation, fundraising applications, and organisational reports. 

The internship offered me experience of how an organisation uses data collection and analysis for future planning. By contributing to the strategic assessment of the festival’s evaluation processes I gained understanding of the importance of feedback for reporting purposes and reinforced my understanding of how effective data collection and analysis can contribute to funding processes. The internship allowed me to strengthen my existing skillset of setting up user-friendly, effective processes.'

Supporting Wider Projects  

'Early in the internship I was able to support the My Place Photography awards ceremony at South Block Studios. At the event I assisted with attendee registration and helped coordinate the programme of speakers. I was delighted to be able to spend time talking to the award winners, judges and guests and was hugely impressed by the high standards of photographic submissions. Towards the end of the internship, I was delighted to be able to assist with the Door Open Days press launch event on the HMS Unicorn. On the day I assisted the team, welcoming attendees, coordinating participants, and taking the time to discuss how important Doors Open Days is to the built heritage of Scotland with anyone who was interested! It was a privilege to be part of such an important event, in a fantastic historical location.'

Looking Ahead 

'On a personal note, I cannot thank everyone at the Trust enough for being so welcoming and generous. The Trust Team were incredibly welcoming, offering me insight into the different projects that the Trust work on, and helping me to gain understanding of the challenges faced by funded organisations. The internship has been a hugely positive experience and has allowed me to gain skills and experience that will support me in my education and future employment, and I am delighted to be able to be involved in a project that will contribute to the work of the Trust in the future'

Thank you to Helen Oxley for all of your enthusiasm and dedication, we loved having you as part of our team!