Digital Doors Open Days across Europe

Doors Open Days is part of European Heritage Days (EHD), a series of 50+ architecture and culture festivals that take place across Europe every September.

This year the EHD festivals have had to adapt to COVID and consider how our potential visitors can safely, realistically and fruitfully take part in our cultural heritage celebrations. In Scotland, we've chosen to go digital and invite our visitors to make virtual visits to hundreds of venues that have prepared virtual tours, talks, podcasts and more.

In addition to exploring Scotland from your armchair, you can also go on a virtual holiday across Europe by exploring the other European Heritage Days digital festivals! We've picked out some highlights for you below:


Archaeology of Culfeightrin: Starting at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Culfeightrin, this video tour explores the built heritage of that area, including standing stones and the Broughanlea Cross.  The tour also includes the nearby old church ruins of Culfeightrin, where landowner Patrick Casement discusses the significance of this scheduled site.

Carrickfergus Townscape Heritage Initiative: This short film highlights the restoration work ongoing at the Warrant Officer’s House, Guard Room and Gaol.

Belfast Central Library: Take a virtual tour of Belfast Central Library. The building is a fine example of a Victorian public building with a portico entrance. The highlight of the interior is a domed first floor reading room with delicate plasterwork detail. The top floor features two galleries with glass vaulting and fine plasterwork.


In Zurich they made a blog, visit it here.


Breda: Explore the historic city centre of Breda with this interactive game! Virtually walk through the city and learn about the monuments and history.

The Hague: Check out these virtual tours of 60+ monuments!

’s Hertogenbosch: Explore virtual tours from 12 monuments, including spectacular drone shots.


“Learn in the museum”: Numerous links to online exhibitions, virtual games, learning packages, mobile guides and various other materials!

The Hidden Treasures in Lapinlahti and Varpaisjärvi: Lovely landscape, Beautiful building, pretty jogging trail or favorite tree for climbing – what does your favorite place look like?  Read reflections on local places from Lapinlahti and Varpaisjärvi village locals.


Antwerp Library for Language, Culture and the History of Flanders: Take a virtual tour!

Antwerp Olympic Stadium: Did you know 2020 sees Antwerp celebrate 100 years since they hosted the Olympic Games?  Take part in a celebratory tour, highlighting venues and sports activities.

Gruuthuse Museum: Learn about the history of Bruges with this virtual tour of the museum.