Digital Doors Open

Doors Open Days 2020 is going digital! In addition to the digital content contributed by participating venues, we at Doors Open Days will be sharing the digital tours we've created and linking you to exciting virtual tours that are already online. Over the last year, we've been busy creating and collecting digital content through our Digital Doors Open Days project.

The Digital Doors Open Days project began in 2019, when we partnered with Smart History and the Centre for Archaeology, Technology and Cultural Heritage (CATCH) at the University of St Andrews to work with communities to digitise buildings throughout the country. Volunteers are busy taking photographs of the interiors of different buildings, which will then be stitched together to create 360-degree virtual tours.

Whether you're in Peebles or Philadelphia, Nairn or Nairobi, you can access the tours. The tours will be available online, making them great places accessible to visitors from Scotland and around the world.

See here for an example of what Digital Doors Open Days will provide with the digital rendering of Paisley Abbey by Smart History; 

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