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St Giles Church

Door open days

19 September 2020 (09:00)


Watch three new videos of this historic church in Elgin.

One video about the architecture, one about the history and one on the organ music.

St Giles replaced earlier churches on this site which dated back to 1180-1200, well before the Cathedral was built!

Dominating the centre of Elgin with its impressive temple front and 112ft high tower. The building was constructed with the finest Moray sandstone masonry in a Greek Revival style.

The interior with its elegant pulpit was installed in 1980 from Newington Parish Church, Edinburgh (now the Queen's Hall).

The links for the videos will appear below on Sat 19th Sep.


Digital Resources

Video - history of St Giles Church, Elgin

ames Manson, our Property ConvenJer gives a brief overview of the history of the site of St Giles Church in the High Street of Elgin. Since around 900 there has been a church on this site, long before the Elgin Cathedral was constructed. The current St Giles Church dates from 1829 when it was formally opened. 

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Video - architecture of St Gile's Church, Elgin

James Manson, our Property Convener, Elder of the Parish and trained architect, gives an overview of the architectural significance of St Giles Church. Being the first building designed by renowned Aberdeen architect, Archibald Simpson, St Giles has been a centre piece of the High Street of Elgin. 

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Video - organ music - St Giles Church, Elgin

In October 2019 the Board of Elgin St Giles and St Columba's South renovated the St Giles organ. Being rebuilt in the 1980's and again upgraded in the 1990's by the congregation's organist and organ builder by trade, Alexander (Sandy) Edmonstone and his son Sandy Jr, the organ was brought up to modern standards in 2019. Our current organist, Deborah Nealon, plays a "Voluntary".on the organ

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Key Information

Architect: Archibald Simpson

Building Date: 1825-28

  • High Street
  • Elgin
  • IV30 1LF