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Newbattle Church

Door open days

12 September 2020

13 September 2020


The building of Newbattle Church on its present site, began in 1727 and was completed in 1728/9. In the beginning, the church had an earthen floor; the laird had his own loft and the bulk of the congregation brought their own stools. Those who could not afford a stool sat with their backs to the wall.

Further extensions took place throughout the 19th Century, including the construction of the Ancrum Aisle in memory of the Earl of Ancrum who had been killed accidentally in Australia in 1892. It is thought that these same double doors came along with the stonework of the Tower from the Church's previous location within the Abbey grounds, and may date back to 1540. The North Gallery is referred to as the Newtongrange Gallery. It has a segregated section of pew known as Mungo MacKay's Pew; this being close to the entry door so that he could see who came and went on a Sunday. This is but a summary of the building, now in its third location and denomination. Its history, in truth, dates back to the arrival of the Monks at Newbattle in 1140.

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Newbattle Church has many interesting artefacts, ranging from 16C doors and 17C funeral bells, to WW2 graffiti.

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Key Information

Building Date: 1727




  • Newbattle Road
  • Dalkeith
  • EH22 3LH