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Wemyss Bay Station

Door open days

12 September 2020 (Online Virtual Tour Only)

13 September 2020 (Online Virtual Tour Only)


The Category A listed railway station opened in 1865, but the station was completely rebuilt in 1903 to accommodate the large number of passengers.

A key feature of the design is use of curves to ease the flow of passengers. The same principle was applied at Glasgow Central station, which was rebuilt about the same time.

The pier was designed so that several queues for the steamers could be accommodated, with different queues for different destinations. Although the ferry now only goes to Rothesay, Wemyss Bay used to have regular sailings to Largs and Millport, as well as day trips further afield.

Every effort was made to get people between the train and the steamer as quickly as possible. Opposite platform 1 is a timber platform that was used by porters for loading and unloading luggage. The luggage would be moved to and from the pier by means of a ramp outside the building, so no obstruction was caused to passengers.

In the station entrance there is a historic map showing the Firth of Clyde. This is a design that was widely displayed, with a smaller version used in timetables and brochures. Friends of Wemyss Bay Station acquired the map and had it professionally conserved. What you see is an exact photographic reproduction, because the original map is too fragile for display.

Opposite the map are a number of British Rail posters that were uncovered during renovation work a few years ago. These are preserved as being as much part of the station’s history as features from the Edwardian era.

The statue of a small boy on the concourse was commissioned by Friends of Wemyss Bay Station. He is a companion piece for the statue of a girl at Gourock and by the same artist, Angela Hunter. The boy, known as Bobby, commemorates the thousands of people who passed through the station when going on holiday. The statue is popular with children – you do not often see a statue of a child.

One of the seats on the concourse, with an appropriate plaque on it, is an original Caledonian Railway seat, as would have been used when the station was new. It was obtained by the Friends when it became surplus to requirements at the National Railway Museum. It was received as withdrawn from use by British Rail, covered in many layers of paint and had to be professionally restored.

Please call in the Friends of Wemyss Bay Station bookshop and have a look at the pictures and other items they have on display in the gallery. Their rooms were originally the Ladies' First Class Waiting Room, the Gentlemen's First Class Waiting Room and the Stationmaster's Office.

It remains one of Scotland’s most remarkable stations and was recently judged by architectural critic Sir Simon Jenkins as one of the top ten stations in the UK. The station and pier have returned to their original Caledonian Railway colour scheme.


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Key Information

Architect: James Miller

Building Date: 1903

  • Shore Road
  • Wemyss Bay
  • PA18 6AR