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Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church

15 September 2018

16 September 2018

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Built in 1876 as the subject of an architectural competition, the winning design was based on Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. 140 years later, the spectacular Category A listed building still fulfils its original purpose as a place of sanctuary and community. This glass-walled building stands as a link to its heritage and community.

James Sellers original design was altered and adapted to suit a �more Scottish manner�, then in 1921 the interior was re-ordered when the 'Light' was introduced with the new War Memorial Chancel arrangement.

The beautiful soaring windows will lift your eyes upwards to the groined and vaulted ceiling which has also been recently preserved as part of the 2014-15 re-roofing works.

This building has stood as a place of worship for over 140 years and it still fulfills its original function as a place of sanctuary and community. It has stood the test of time, its narrow buttresses were driven down to the rock below the old mine workings of the area.

The magnificent addition of the figured Stained Glass took place around 1900, the size of which are seldom seen within a Parish Church and eight of these large windows have been restored in recent years.

Cottier, Burne-Jones, Shrigley-Hunt, Meikle and Maclellan have all contributed to the beauty of this building. The little windows around the entrance to the church were also restored as a gift to the current Congregation, who enjoy the art within and are keen to share with all who enter.

The sumptuousness of these pre-raphaelite windows is always a delight especially with the sun shining through.

The space is a friendly one and the recent building works have enabled the previously closed South Porch Door to be re-opened, such that you can now enter straight 'into the body of the kirk' if you wish, but essentially this extra door allows the Congregation greater flexibility in the use of the space upstairs, not just for worship, but for performance and exhibitions.

All Buildings such as this must be sustainable going forward, the door opening is just the first step along the way. Listen out for ad-hoc performances & talks.


Key Information

Doors Open Day 2018:

Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

Tours available on request, but not before 11am on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday; 20-30 minutes

??Booking not required

Tour meeting point: Sanctuary Entrance below Gallery


There will always be a Treasure Trail - 'Hunt the Dragon' for young ones of all ages.

  • Saltoun Street/Observatory Road
  • Glasgow
  • G12 9AG