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Govan Old Church

Door open days

14 September 2020

20 September 2020

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Visit the magnificent Category A listed Govan Old Church and travel back over a thousand years to the golden age of the Kingdom of Strathclyde. Explore Govan's Celtic sculptured crosses, Viking hogback gravestones and the mysterious Govan Sarcophagus.


Digital Resources

Govan Old Church video tour

Make a digital visit to Govan Old to discover not only a stunning A-listed Victorian church but also a unique collection of Viking-age sculptured stones, carved over a thousand years ago to commemorate the power of those who ruled the Kingdom of Strathclyde. View the collection’s outstanding piece – the Govan Sarcophagus, as well as the largest hogback stones in Britain. Join their Trustees for an exploration of Govan Old Church and its magnificent collection of Viking-age carved stones.

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Key Information

Architect: Robert Rowand Anderson

Building Date: 1888

  • 866 Govan Road
  • Glasgow
  • G51 3UU