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Caledonia Road Church

15 September 2018

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

This is a striking �Greek� Thomson church which was burnt out in 1965.

During Doors Open Days, explore 'freespace', activated by WAVE particle as a space for the local community and artists. Attend �The Happenstance� exhibition or simply come and have a look at this striking �Greek� Thomson church which was burnt out in 1965.

To engage with the Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice, and celebrate Scotland�s Year of Young People, The Happenstance, (, curated by WAVEparticle, is an exploration of the Biennale theme of Freespace. We are exploring how public space, non-space, stalled space and civic space all have the potential to change and grow, depending on how we choose to occupy them. We cite various ideas that are home-grown and developed in Scotland, a country interested in grassroots, community-led processes that inform emerging places. We are demonstrating what can be built through mapping connections, bringing together needs, resources and ideas of Freespace in both Scotland and Venice.

The Happenstance brings together a team of Artists and Architects who are experts in play, in exploring the spaces in-between. We encourage everyone into a vital relationship with the built environment, using play as an active agent within the process of rethinking and reclaiming their Freespace. There is a particular focus on young people, their capacities, their needs and their imagination, harnessed to empower this energy in all of us.

In Venice this was presented as a Living Library Of Ideas
focusing on the event nature of live situations � exploring how we can all intervene in our own lives and the circumstances that shape us.

For Glasgow Doors Open, the core structure in Venice will be presented and activated with a series of screenings and documentation in the iconic Caledonia Road Church.


Key Information

  • Caledonia Road
  • Glasgow
  • G5 0SG