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Buchanan Bridge Club

14 September 2020

20 September 2020

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

The Park area mansions were 'the place to live' in the 1850s. This stunning A-listed building has innumerable original features. Originally the private residence of David Hutcheson, founder of Calmac, it has been home to Buchanan Bridge Club since 1960. These magnificent homes were built as Glasgow expanded West and were spacious houses for Glasgow's most wealthy citizens. After WW2 these substantial buildings were too expensive to heat and to maintain, but they were perfect to convert to offices because they were located so near the city centre.


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Number 4 Clairmont Gardens is the notable exception and survived because it was a family home for 100 years until the Bridge Club purchased it in 1960. It contains a plethora of features much more lavish than the neighbouring properties! The first owner in 1857 had an expanding fleet of steamships and this house was designed to reflect his success, status, and in which to entertain. David Hutcheson was one of One Hundred Glasgow Men in Victorian times, whose vision and enterprise transformed our city into the Second City of the Empire When David retired in 1879 his junior partner succeeded him and changed the name of the company to David Macbrayne and Co which is now familiar to you as Calmac.

Key Information

Architect: Style of Charles Wilson

Building Date: 1857

  • 4 Clairmont Gardens
  • Glasgow
  • G3 7LW