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The Briggait

14 September 2020

20 September 2020

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

The Briggait was the city's fish market for over 100 years, and incorporates the Merchant's Steeple, one of the few remaining parts of Medieval Glasgow. Category A listed, it is now home to 80 artists and cultural organisations, as well as events and exhibitions. This beautiful Category A listed building is in Glasgow's medieval quarter, the Merchant City. Built in 1873, the Briggait served as the city's fish market for over 100 years.

The building also incorporates the Merchant's Steeple notable for being one of the few remaining parts of Medieval Glasgow. After the closure of the fish market in 1977 The Briggait lay in a semi derelict state for almost 25 years. By the turn of the millennium, it was clear the building was in severe need of restoration.

In 2001, Wasps Artists Studios set out on the long road to redevelop the building into a studio complex and arts venue, which was finally completed in 2009. The Briggait now provides work space for over 80 visual artists and office space for 25 cultural organisations and charities. The impressive 1873 Hall remains largely unchanged since its inception and now plays host to a diverse programme of exhibitions and events.

Digital Resources

Briggait in 3D

Explore this 3D Model of the Briggait.

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Key Information

Architect: Clarke and Bell & Nicol Russel Studios

Building Date: 1873, 2010

  • 141 Bridgegate
  • Glasgow
  • G1 5HZ