Saved from demolition by the National Trust for Scotland in the 1930s, Gladstone’s Land is a traditional 16th-century tenement building. It has been a commercial and social hub for more than 500 years and has witnessed momentous social and political change as well as war, fire and disease.

The building takes its name from Thomas Gladstone who purchased it in 1617 and built the front extension, adding in three intricate and fashionable painted wooden ceilings in the new rooms he created. These still survive today. It was occupied by upper- and middle-class tenants until the end of the 18th century when the wealthy moved to the recently built New Town, marking the start of a period of decline for the property and the Old Town as a whole.

Gladstone’s Land is open to visitors and provides a glimpse into the lives and businesses of some of its former residents including the sights, sounds and smells that they would have experienced.

Free entry to Gladstone’s Land for Doors Open Days visitors on Saturday 25th 2021 from 10am to 3pm.

Pre-booking at the link below is strongly recommended, but not compulsory (walk-ins will be accepted if there is space). We will be hosting Historical food demonstrations and tastings during the course of the day.

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