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Astley Ainslie Hospital

25 September 2021 (Online)

26 September 2021 (Online)


The Astley Ainslie is a rehabilitation hospital in the south of Edinburgh and the much-loved site comprises beautiful landscaped parkland. Established in 1921 thanks to a bequest from David Ainslie in memory of his nephew John Astley Ainslie. Canaan Park was the first building to be adapted for patient use, welcoming patients in 1923. The hospital became part of the National Health Service in 1948 and is scheduled to close in the next five years.


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Virtual Tour

This video tour was made as part of the Creative Pick & Mix project which is an innovative multi-arts project that is engaging patients and NHS Lothian staff in a wide ranging programme of creative activity including film, visual arts, creative writing and drama to create a practical resource for the whole community within Astley Ainslie Hospital. It explores the incredible green spaces around the Astley Ainslie Hospital site and features interviews with patients, staff and local residents. It also explores the history of the site and its changing uses from past to present as well as discussing the benefits of forest bathing and the therapeutic benefits of green spaces. We also hear from hospital staff about how the Astley Ainslie Hospital grew from being a convalescent hospital to a leading rehabilitation centre and the pioneering role the hospital had in establishing Occupational Therapy in the UK.

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Key Information

  • 133 Grange Loan
  • EH9 2HL