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Queen's Hall Dunoon

25 September 2021 (Online)

26 September 2021 (Online)

Argyll & Bute

The original Queen's Hall Pavilion was constructed around 1905 by William Fraser Architect, who lived in Dunoon from 1898 to 1907. The existing Queen's Hall was built in 1959, and although not as grand as its predecessor, the building's architecture had some positive characteristics that"were worth acknowledging and respecting." Now the building has undergone significant refurbishment from January 2017 to July 2018.

The Queen's Hall occupies a significant position, stop ending the Argyll Street shopping area, facing the Castle Gardens and well connected to a number of important town landmarks or facilities: the Old Pier, The Castle Museum and the passenger ferry terminal.

Approaching Dunoon by the passenger ferry it is evident how significant the Queen's Hall sits within the town. The redeveloped Queen's Hall connects the entrance to Argyll Street while introducing a new library, Skills Development Scotland and Visit Scotland facilities, a cafe, fitness studios that cater for a range of fitness claases, a refurbished auditorium and new back of house facilities. There is also a soft play area available and an outdoor terraced area.

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Key Information

Architect: William Fraser - original architect

Building Date: 1958

  • Queen's Hall
  • 9 Argyll Street
  • Dunoon
  • PA23 7HH