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Mount Stuart

25 September 2021 (Online)

26 September 2021 (Online)

Argyll & Bute

Mount Stuart’s architectural journey is a story in itself. The original house was built in 1719, but was severely damaged by fire in 1877. Most of the contents survived, along with the wings of the building. These were incorporated into the house you see today, which was built in the late 19th century. The Georgian architecture of the wings presents a striking contrast to the otherwise Victorian design, providing a completely unique architectural blend. 

Digital Resources

There is a Volcano Behind My House

On 8 May 2021 Ilana Halperin was joined on zoom by Sophie Crichton Stuart, Director of Mount Stuart's Contemporary Visual Arts Programme, to launch Ilana's exhibition There is a Volcano Behind My House. Following the launch you can now watch our film exploring Ilana's exhibition, directed by Connolly Clark Films, here:

Learn from a local historian about the site!

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  • Mount Stuart
  • Isle of Bute
  • PA20 9LR