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St. Cyrus National Nature Reserve

18 September 2021 (Online)

19 September 2021 (Online)


St Cyrus National Nature Reserve (NNR) is one of the most picturesque sections of coastline in north-east Scotland. Taking up the northern third of the magnificent sandy sweep of Montrose Bay, the Reserve comprises 92 hectares (ha) of mixed coastal habitat.

Towering volcanic cliffs and yellow dunes enclose a spectacular wildflower meadow that supports a number of rare plants and insects. The mild, sheltered climate and nutrient-rich soils provide a sanctuary for a range of plant species that are characteristic of a more southern climate. Many plants and insects found here are at the northern limit of their range in Britain. The seclusion of gorse scrub provides safe nesting for a host of small birds, such as stonechat, yellowhammer and whitethroat.


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The Pollinator Trail

Enjoy a quick tromp along the pollinator trail at St Cyrus NNR with reserve manager Therese, excuse the few blunders. 

Enjoy a podcast!

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Building Date: 1860

  • St Cyrus National Nature Reserve
  • The Old Lifeboat Station
  • Montrose
  • DD10 0AQ