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Portsoy Church Centre

18 September 2021 (Online)

19 September 2021 (Online)


Portsoy Church Centre is the new centre for the Church of Scotland in Portsoy. It was built in 1815 as the established church with seating for 700 people, and known as the ‘Auld Kirk’. A clock tower was added in 1876, the clock donated by Mr Fleetwood Pellow Wilson. The Kirk was completely renovated and opened again for worship in 1881. The Auld Kirk amalgamated with the West Church in 1955 and became the church hall.

It was decided by the Kirk Session to renovate the hall to become the new Portsoy Church Centre. The renovation begun in 2018 and was open in the summer of 2019.


Digital Resources

Walk around tour of Portsoy Church Centre

Take a walk around the Portsoy Church Centre with this virtual tour. 

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Key Information

Architect: Mason: Mr William Ritchie, Carpenter: Mr Selem Wilson, Slater: Mr George Scott, Plasterer: Mr William Stephen

Building Date: c.1815

  • Portsoy Church Centre
  • Seafield Street
  • Portsoy
  • AB45 2QT