How to get involved in Doors Open Days

Basic criteria for venues / events wishing to take part in Doors Open Days

Any buildings or events that wish to take part in Doors Open Days must fit all three of the following criteria:

  1. That the building / event be of significance/ interest in either architectural, design, heritage, ancestry or community aspects. 
  2. Building / event is not regularly available for the general public to access FREE, or has an additional aspect for the festival duration only. 
  3. Access to the building / event will be FREE of charge to Doors Open Days visitors during the festival.

How to take part:

  • If you feel that your venue / event meets all three of the above criteria then next you should apply to a local area coordinator, who would then assess at your application. Click HERE to find out who your local area coordinator is. 
  • Each local authority area curates their own specific programmes and communicates directly on local planning, marketing and evaluation. It is important to keep in mind that not all applications can be taken forward and that venues may be asked to participate every other year depending upon the individual focus of each area programme.
  • If your venue / event is suitable for the appropriate area programme you would then be sent information on how to make the most out of Doors Opens Days, from resources for planning and information on risk assessing for new audiences and insurance to visitor surveys requirements and venue / event evaluation responsibilities.
  • If we cannot evaluate your venue / events participation it is unlikely that we can include you in our festival so it is important to consider the following before contacting your local area coordinator:
  1. Does my venue / event fit the basic criteria?
  2. Does the local area coordinator support my application for inclusion in Doors Open Days?
  3. Can I / my organisation commit to fully taking part in Doors Open Days from the risk assessment to the evaluation requirements?

Our commitment to participating venues / events

  • There is no fee for your venue / event for participation in Doors open Days.
  • All local coordination will be managed by our local area coordinators, including some local marketing and PR and all local evaluation. 
  • All national and international marketing and promotion will be done by national coordinating body the Scottish Civic Trust as the, including all national evaluation. 
  • There are lots of marketing and PR opportunities for you/ your organisation, which your local area coordinator will inform you of, the more you can input to spreading the word the better you event will be. 
  • We will cover the cost of insuring your Doors Open Days events, for details of our cover and advice on risk assessing please look under the HOSTING section in the top menu bar.  To qualify for the insurance you must have your venue registered through your local area coordinator, and you must have filled in a risk assessment for your venue and event(s).
  • For more information on taking part read our Event Organiser’s Handbook in the HOSTING section in the top menu bar.

Who should I get in touch with?

For general enquiries about Doors Open Days contact the national coordinator, contact details in the footer of this webpage. 

If you would like to contact a local area coordinator regarding an application click HERE for details.