Digital Doors Open

If you can’t get out and about this September, Digital Doors Open is bringing some of Scotland’s best buildings to you. We're putting together a map of 49 virtual tours of places and spaces around Scotland.

We’re also helping communities to make virtual tours of their own heritage. We have partnered with the Centre for Archaeology, Technology and Cultural Heritage (CATCH) at the University of St Andrews to work with communities to digitise buildings throughout the country. Volunteers have taken photographs of the interiors of different buildings, which will then be stitched together to create 360-degree virtual tours. You can find the tours on our virtual map, available in September for Doors Open Days.

See here for an example of what Digital Doors Open Days will provide with the digital rendering of Paisley Abbey by Smart History; 

20190807_140053_506 from Scottish Civic Trust on Vimeo.