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WALK - Brutalism in Glasgow's City Centre

Door open days

15 September 2018 (Sat 15th & Sun 16th, 12pm; 90 minutes)

16 September 2018

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

A walk round the city centre of Glasgow looking at examples of brutalist and post-modern architecture. Glasgow has changed a lot in recent years and the Le Corbusier "beton brut" style of architecture that was so popular in post-war Britain is now being swept away. We'll be travelling round looking at some of the architecture, at one time attached to an optimistic, utopian vision of the future, now reviled by some as ugly eye sores.

There will also be a live Instagram of the walk, where as we go round you will be able to see pictures of the sites in their former glory and other examples of the architects that designed them. We also want you to post your own photos as you go, some of these buildings make for stunning, dramatic shots with their angular facades and intimidating size. If you don't have Instagram, don't worry, it's not essential and you're free to just come along with or without a camera.


There will be some areas only accessible by stairs


Accessibility: Information will also be available via a dedicated walk Instagram

Sensible walking shoes, some areas will require crossing busy roads or walking uphill.


Key Information

Sat 15th & Sun 16th, 12pm; 90 minutes

Meeting point: Front of Gallery of Modern Art

Booking: Fully booked

Saturday 15th September 12pm

Sunday 16th September 12pm

Where to find us

  • Meet: Front of Gallery of Modern Art
  • G1 3AH