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EXHIBITION: Mapping Glasgow

Door open days

10 September 2018 (Mon 10th – Sun 16th, 10am-5pm)

16 September 2018

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

Many different people find themselves creating maps of Glasgow, or parts of Glasgow. Finely plotted or loosely hand-drawn, every map reveals the intentions of the map maker, and another way to view and edit the city. This exhibition presents a variety of maps, each with their own motive, style and story.

During the Cold War, the USSR undertook the greatest cartography operation ever known, covertly producing thousands of detailed plans of countries, towns and cities around the world. Some of these previously-restricted maps have recently become available on the open market. Informed by the work of John Davies and others, New Glasgow Society's Lex Lamb will present the fascinating story - and highlight some peculiar features of - the secret Soviet map of Glasgow. The talk will also present the first ever translation of the map's detailed text description of Glasgow's infrastructure, industry and government in the 1970s.


Parking info: Limited on-street parking outside

Accessibility: There is a small step between front and rear gallery space.


This event is suitable for children, but not intended for children.

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Where to find us

  • New Glasgow Society
  • 1307 Argyle Street
  • G3 8TL