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Central Gurdwara Singh Sbha

Door open days

Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival

The £8.5 million project which proudly sits as Scotland’s largest, purpose built Gurdwara has altered Glasgow’s skyline forever with the Gold Dome glistening in the skyline. Come and experience the love and generosity of the Sikhs and eat in the Gurdwara's open kitchen which serves free food to all visitors who attend in every Gurdwara around the world!  

Thurs–Sat 10am–4pm, Tours on request; 30mins

Meeting Point: Reception Desk


- We ask you to cover your head upon entering the Gurdwara (no hats or baseball caps please) (bandana's and scarfs are also available in the Gurdwara) 
- No alcohol, meat or tobacco is permitted in the Gurdwara premises. 
- Please dress modestly  

Key Information

Building Date: 2015

Where to find us

  • 174-176 Berkley Street
  • Glasgow
  • G3 7HY