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The Edinburgh Trades Fund (Trades Maiden Hospital)

Door open days

29 September 2018 (10.00 - 16.00)


The Edinburgh Trades fund houses a collection of artefacts pertaining to the ancient Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh. These were the artisan classes involved in the governance of the city and its development over the centuries. This was initially centred within the Old Town but then they were hugely influential in the development of the Edinburgh New Town.


Key Information

Year of Young People: the Incorporated Trades have supported apprenticeships within the capital over the last five centuries. Our charity, the Edinburgh Trades Fund has been helping young people since 1704.

Activities: Guided tours, stewards, info displays.

Where to find us

  • Ashfield
  • 61 Melville Street
  • Edinburgh
  • EH3 7HL