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St Anne's Parish Church

Door open days

29 September 2018 (10.00-16.00)

30 September 2018 (13.00-17.00)


This beautiful Church was designed by Peter McGregor Chalmers, a leading Scottish ecclesiastical architect.  The aim of the Church’s design was “to make the stones speak”, accomplished by engraving texts of Scripture on the walls, and carving the capitals of pillars and doorways with meaningful symbols.  Take a few moments in the center aisle to view the building: Regard the apse, the organ, the pulpit and the youth chapel, around the stained-glass windows, thirteen of which were designed by notable Scottish craftsman Gordon Webster.


Year Of Young People: Active youth community and association with several youth groups.  St Anne’s is also twinned with St Andrew’s Church in Lusaka, Zambia which has a very large active youth community.  The World Issues Team are actively seeking the involvement of young people in the work of the Team. 


Key Information

Building Date: 1913

ACTIVITIES: Structured tours, informal lectures/talks, opportunity for private meditation or prayer, architectural models, visual displays, architectural models, stewards/volunteers at key points, video/audio presentations, musical recitals

Where to find us

  • Kaimes Road
  • Edinburgh
  • EH12 6JR